Abacus Project Services
14 August 2020, at 3.33 pm

Our People

The Abacus Group's client base is genuinely pan-sector and all of our personnel work in most of these areas in any one year. We have successfully managed all the differing factors that impact uniquely upon such projects, for instance, time, resource, funding, technical feasibility, programme restriction and specialist contracts needs. The procurement strategy therefore varies enormously on each sector and this is where we add value to our projects.

Management Team

Since 1989 Matthew has been providing the full range of Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services to a large number of Clients.

Matthew joined Abacus in 1997 and has led teams on a range of projects from public houses, hotels, restaurants, retail and leisure outlets through to office refurbishments.

Bob joined Abacus Project Services in 1996 having been employed within the group for the previous 11 years.

Bob has extensive experiences in Quantity Surveying/Project Management spanning 40 years in the industry working in all disciplines, initially in construction as a commercial QS and in later years within a PQS practice serving private client developers, architects and designers engaged in the development and delivery of a wide range of projects within retail, PFI, museum and visitor exhibition environments.